BeeDazzled grew out of our family beekeeping cottage industry and our vision to utilize all of the beneficial products from the honeybees. From out earliest days of dipping candles and mixing up soap on the kitchen stove to our new location on River Road in Benzonia, we have maintained our dedication to the traditional hand made craft and vigilant attention to fine detail. 

Our products are produced from the finest natural ingredients for their healing qualities as well as enjoyment value and are created with love. 

BeeDazzled is nestled in the gently rolling hills of Benzie County, and is surrounded by our gardens. You can sit awhile on the porch where the air is astir with the contented drone of happy honey bees industriously gathering nextar and pollen from the herbs, flowers, and vegetables growing all around. We also feature an observation hive where you can observe the bees dancing and all the other hive activities. 

Come inside the shop and you may observe us as we dip or pour our hand made candles or create our wonderfully fragrant soaps. 

All of our products are perfect for gift giving, family celebrations, and meditating. (Also highly recommended for romantic interludes.)